7 Tips to Market Your Business During the Holidays

A little holiday cheer will make you more relatable and memorable to your customers and audience.

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The holiday season is here which means it's time to market your business for this time of year!
We've got 7 Tips to Market Your Business this season.

1. Reward Your Loyal Customers

One way to do this is by sending gifts to your loyal customers. We also encourage them to send gifts to their friends (your products/services, of course) by giving discounts so they can give to more people. And to attract new customers, hosting parties and giving gifts to institutions that would find our products useful, would be a good marketing approach.

2. Offer a Sale

The easiest way to make the most of the holidays is with a sale. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have no tradition behind them except a chance to boost sales by cutting prices. You won't even have to put up decorations or buy a Cyber Monday Tree. Just make sure that you know which products you're going to discount before the holiday and by how much, and prepare your marketing material.

3. Throw in a Gift

A great way to sweeten the deal and show that you're not just cutting prices but also celebrating a holiday is to give your customers a gift. That could be something as simple as an information product or a coupon, or as complex as a Lego Millennium Falcon (hint, hint). But, make your customers feel that you're celebrating with them.

4. Stay Active on Social Media

The holiday season is not the time to take a social media vacation. You'll need to be active on all your usual platforms, preparing your audience for the next holiday and priming them to buy. Encourage your Facebook followers to share your video and have plenty of good pictures to share on Instagram.

5. Publish Holiday Themed Blog Posts

When it comes to SEO, content marketing is the name of the game. Plan your blog posts around the holidays and advertise them to your target audience on Facebook. Making the articles holiday themed will help them get shared more, reaching a larger audience.

6. Save Last Minute Shoppers with E-Gift Cards

Even if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar presence, you can still save the day for your procrastination-prone prospects. Once your shipping cut-off has passed, we recommend ramping up your offers for electronic gift cards. True—most people (for the sake of showing their loved ones how thoughtful and punctual they are) would prefer to buy a tangible product. Nonetheless, when the clock is ticking and placing a traditional order is out of the question, shoppers will be grateful for the option of buying a gift card.
Best of all: Turning up the volume on electronic gift cards doesn’t mean you have to stop promoting actual products.

7. Show Your Personality

Don't forget that holidays are a time of fun. Don't be afraid to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. You might not be able to party with your customers, but you can joke around with them, be yourself and build a real relationship that will take you right through to next year's holiday season.

The holiday season is inclusive, no matter which one you are celebrating. Incorporating a little bit of holiday cheer into your marketing strategies during these months will make you more relatable and memorable to your customers and audience. Take the time and complete the additional work to make sure that you and your team aren't missing the best opportunity to connect more authentically with customers.

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